Sioux Falls, Brandon and Harrisburg Green Cleaning

We love our earth and would like it to be around for our children’s children. That is why we use methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients designed to preserve human and environmental health. At All Janitorial Needs we strive to reduce waste and toxic emissions in all our endeavors; to use products free of chemicals and toxic agents. We are also dedicated to recycling and reducing the use of wasteful products such as paper towels. We use microfiber cloths, when possible, for dusting and other re-usable materials which get the job done right each time but are much friendlier for our Sioux Falls clients and our planet

Why Go Green?

  • Improve the indoor air quality of your building
  • Reduce water and air pollution
  • Reduce the amount of employee sick time and its associated costs
  • Provide a healthier environment for occupants, employees and visitors
  • Reduce the amount of toxic cleaning chemicals that end up in waste water

Our goal is to provide consistent, quality cleaning, and with that comes a high standard of sanitation for each and every janitorial job we do. You might think that toxic chemicals used in years past are the only way to properly disinfect surfaces, but this is no longer true. Thanks to the developments in this industry over the last number of years, it is now just as effective to use earth-friendly products to sanitize almost any surface.

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