Janitorial Services

All Janitorial Needs is dedicated to providing you with the most consistent, quality cleaning in the industry and we are trusted by some of the most renowned businesses in the Harrisburg area. No matter how small or large the job, we can custom create a schedule that works around your hours, needs, and budget. Whether its a car dealership, bank, or warehouse, we will meet your unique janitorial needs in a timely and skilled manner. You have enough to worry about.

Office Buildings and Suites

A clean environment is a productive one. Whether you have three employees or three hundred, let us keep their work environment clean and productive. From the boardroom to washrooms and individual offices, it is vital for the image of your company to present a clean office space to any guests or visitors you may have. At All Janitorial Needs, we will provide the consistency and quality of work that you require from your own staff.

Dealerships and Retail Centers

We want your customers to have the best experience possible. Whether it is shopping for a new vehicle or a new shirt; let All Janitorial Needs help give your customers that clean, hassle free shopping zone, which they deserve when visiting your dealership or retail center. No matter what size the building, our janitorial staff are bonded, insured, and reliable. We will ensure a job well done. Every time.

Government Buildings and Offices

All Janitorial Needs is the company you can trust. We have experience with highly confidential office environments; our bond and insurance is topped by our trustworthiness and reliability. We also understand that not every office is operated from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; this is the reason we work with you to create a schedule that fits in with your security and confidentiality needs.

Health Care and Medical Offices

Medical offices and facilities require specialized sanitation to ensure the safety and health of Harrisburg staff, patients, and visitors. We realize that an unclean environment can breed disease, cause infection and lead to serious illness for anyone who comes in contact with its surfaces.

Apartments: Complexes – Common Areas

We work one-on-one with managers to ensure that all schedules are kept and all work is completed with the highest of quality. Tenants want to walk through clean hallways and stairwells, just as a manager likes to walk into a clean office. Let us help you make this happen.

Banks and Credit Unions

Most customers will make a judgment of your establishment based on their initial impression of the cleanliness of both the interior and exterior of your business. All Janitorial Needs has a highly trained workforce who stops at nothing to deliver unrivaled bank janitorial services to the people who matter most in your business – your customers.

Industrial Complexes and Warehouses

Pretty office buildings aren’t the only work environments that need to be cleaned. At All Janitorial Needs, our staff are trained to clean industrial settings such as warehouses and production facilities. We will assess your needs and create a custom schedule for your company based on those needs and your budgetary framework.

Commercial Construction and Residential Cleanup

All Janitorial Needs knows the construction cleanup business. We also know that once your building project is finished, you want to have it ready for occupancy. We look for all of the dirt and debris that is left behind, and we are fully-equipped to meet and exceed the high standard clean up services required on your construction site. All Janitorial Needs has built a strong reputation in the industry over the years for excellence as a post-construction janitorial service.

Showing and Selling

The new construction and existing market is busy. We understand. Potential buyers open up cabinets, doors, and drawers. Let us help you sell that home faster by giving it the quality cleaning it deserves. Whether it is new construction or an existing home on the market, we will provide the consistent, quality, cleaning, that every home is worthy of. If you’d like, we can even maintain the cleanliness until the closing papers are signed.

Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning

Floors are oftentimes one of the most neglected surfaces. Whether it is an office space or a warehouse, they may be in need of new sealant or a good cleaning. We strip, buff, and wax the floors so they shine. We can also provide you with commercial or residential carpet cleaning by extraction. Our equipment is commercial grade; ready to take on any size of floor.